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Kammermuusikute suvefestival unustatud mõisates 2021

Noored virtuoosid 
Alexis Roussine (viiul, Prantsusmaa), Livia Gruppo Maurel (viiul, Prantsusmaa/Itaalia), Grettel Eerik (vioola), Anton Hannes Karin (tšello), Tähe-Lee Liiv (klaver), Diana Liiv (klaver)

2021suvi3uus2Kavas: Chopin: Krakoviak (seade klaverile ja keelpillikvartetile), soolonumbrid klaveri ja viiuli kullafondist. 

Born in 1995, Alexis Roussine is a French- Russian violinist. Coming from a family of musicians, he started learning the violin with his father, Miroslav Roussine, laureat of the Wieniawsky competition, former soloist and pupil of D.Oistrakh. His main teachers were G.Tourchaninova ( Central Music School , Moscow), L.Kolos( CRR of Paris ) and Boris Belkin at the Maastricht Conservatorium (Netherlands) where Alexis just finished his Master degree with the highest distinction. In 2007 , being the youngest participant, he received the honorary prize of excellence at the Leopold Bellan competition in Paris. A year later, in Moscow, he received the 2nd prize and the special prize at the Gnessine competitionfestival.

This special prize will allow him to play several concerts in Moscow organized by the Spivakov Foundation. In 2012, Alexis won the 2nd prize at the G.P.Telemann competition (Poland). He is also a laureate of the “Noor Muusik Young Musician” (Estonia), Kloster Schoental (Germany) competitions , Carl Flesh competition (Hungary) and Premio Chigiana ( Italy ). As a chamber musician, he was a founding member of the Malevitch Quintet and studied with Henk Guittard (Schoenberg Quartet) . The ensemble won a special prize at the “Chamber Music Festival Freedom” in 2015 (Netherlands) that allowed the quintet to give a series of concerts in Chengdu, China. In 2017, Alexis collaborated with the publishing, production and music composition company Allard & Bodak, recording the piece “Prélude d’hiver” at Studio Human Paris ( available on Spotify and Apple Music) . The same year ,he was invited to play with Diana Liiv for the closing concert of the summer festival Artissimo in Pärnu. Alexis regularly takes part in chamber music concerts organised by Ars Fidelis association in Paris. He was also invited to play in trio for the ‘’FamilyConcert’’ of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel ( Belgium ) in November 2019 From 2019, Alexis is one of the members of Libertalia Ensemble , created by David Castrobalbi, Loan Casal and Nicolas Kruger

Livia Gruppo Maurel is franco-italian, she was born in 2005, 16th, March, in Paris. She started her musical studies when she was 5 years old and works currently under the supervision of Professor Miroslav Roussine, Paris and Maestro Maurizio Sciarretta, Bologne. She was semi-finaliste at the Ysaye International Music Competition in 2019, recently participated to the3rd Kocian Violin Competition and XI International BALYS Dvarionas Competition. Livia has been selected by the following organizations to play concerts: Ars Fidelis and the Concerts Quinault (Paris 75015), Heures Musicales du Marais held by Aline Artinian (Paris 75004), Piano et Compagnie, held by Gabriella Torma. She performs regularly with the Karlovy Vary symphonic orchestra, under the supervison of Martin Peschik. Antonio Covello composed for Livia a piece called “Trois Mouvements Immobiles”.

Tähe-Lee Liiv (2003) on noor eesti pianist, kes on saavutanud märkimisväärset edu nii kodumaal kui väljaspool eestit. Ta esineb regulaarselt solisti ja kammermuusikuna ning on soleerinud mitmete oluliste orkestrite ees. Tähe-Lee õpib paralleelselt Eestis (TMKK-s Marrit Gerretz-Traksmanni juures ja EMTA-s Ivari Ilja juures), Soomes (Sibeliuse Akadeemias Hui-Ying Tawaststjerna juures) ja Itaalias (Accademia Perosis Konstantin Bogino juures). Tähe-Lee suurimateks saavutusteks on Eesti Pianistide Konkursi võit (2019) ning ETV telekonkursi “Klassikatähed” võit (2020), olles mõlemal juhul ka noorim osaleja (16. a.). Lisaks on ta võitnud olulisi auhindasid mitmetel rahvusvahelistel konkurssitel.